The multi-dimensions of product thinking

The age old question if designers should to learn how to code is true and tired, but without a question of a doubt, I believe designers should learn how to do product thinking. Building products with customers in mind, evaluating trade-offs, crafting strategy is table stakes moving into the new era of product design.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my career is moving beyond my cozy design thinking comfort zone (yep, I’m guilty of wearing rose tinted designer glasses) into understanding product thinking from a holistic perspective. When we talk about design thinking, it’s often thought of…

Writing about trends is so trendy and it’s kind of ridiculous to think that by the time you’ll finish this article these trends will most likely already be behind the times… Just by writing about them makes them less trendy and they’ll likely be over before they even had a chance.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s some trendy designs that have been circling around this past year ⚡️

The future of branding

From left to right: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Buckminster Fuller, Dieter Rams

I’m reclaiming the meme….as a metaphor for change and reciprocation dedicated to the design community.

Memes were primarily only known and used by academics, but today memes are mainstream due to the inherent virality of jokes, GIFs, imagery, etc. spreading via the internet 🌎 .

“Meme” was coined by the contentious evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene. This word defies easy definitions but he described it, with his penchant for vulgarity, “The meme having taken hold, they and similar circle-jerking gobfags proceed with a relentless propaganda onslaught on its behalf, which culminates in several hundred fucktarded spinoffs and maybe — if it’s clean — a spot on the news.”


This is a follow up to my InVision webinar discussing the future of UX/XD. Read Part 1 here.

~ Part 2~

Buzzwords like innovation and disruption get thrown around a lot without much meaning. If we dig deeper, at the core of the best experiences, there are fundamental paradigm shifts in perception and awareness. In this digital realm we’re starting to see unparalleled connectivity. We’re consuming more, using more, and interacting more with technology in our everyday lives and it’s all accessible anywhere, whenever, at your fingertips. Our relationship with technology will only grow closer.

We have…

This is a follow up to my InVision webinar discussing the future of UX/XD. This is Part 1. Part 2 here.

~ Part 1 ~

There’s no way of 100% future proofing every design you make but there are strategies, design guidelines & standards, mobile-first techniques, and many other approaches that will allow your work to look awesome on devices that haven’t even been invented yet.

Look beyond the scope of your current project (believe me, it will be interacted with on devices that don’t exist yet) and be ready to…

Leaving my imprint (and mouseprint) on the world one pixel at a time. Designing mobile first experiences, websites, and beyond.

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