Writing about trends is so trendy and it’s kind of ridiculous to think that by the time you’ll finish this article these trends will most likely already be behind the times… Just by writing about them makes them less trendy and they’ll likely be over before they even had a chance.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s some trendy designs that have been circling around this past year ⚡️

The future of branding

PyeongChang 2018 marked the first fully digital Olympic Games across Europe. The digital first brand identity was inspired by Korean culture and K-Pop. They developed an identity that draws from the games dramatic setting, creating an Olympic Winter Games experience like no other.


Uber designed a san-serif brand new fonts that debuted along with the logo redesign and applied it to using their brand. The movement and interacction behind Uber’s brand creates impact through their unqiue messaging and voice.

@Wolffolins was the design agency behind the redesign.

☺️ Feel good design

Design in 2019 is all about warmth and feeling good. It can invoke the feeling of being cozy at home, nestled in your nook with a good book. It’s about reintegrating the feeling of humanity back into design.

One Medical is doing an amazing job reinventing the boring medical industry by infusing the sterile experience with some feel good imagery cozyness into the user experience ☺️. This is inherent throughout their branding — imagery, copy, typography, and color pallets.

✏️ Freehand illustrations

Illustrations have reversed their course. You mayremember the corporate style “clip art” that mostly everyone in the industry started recreating. Let’s forget that ever happened. The new style of illustrations are pushing new frontiers, integrating freehand and sketch-like qualities that have a less refined but more unique feeling.

Fanny Luor for Dropbox

@Leo Natsume

The illustration style applied in Uber’s new identity are the fun elements in the concisely organized brand system.

🎨 Warmer colors

Palettes are getting softer and shifting towards the warmer end of the color spectrum to bring a more cozy, humanstic feeling.

I predict a shift in design systems use of colors to nudge towards a warmer, more friendly color pallete.

📺 The return of the analog

One of the most significant design trends of the past few years has been the the gradual move away from anything looking too digital, in favor of authentically crafted designs that look like it was made by hand.

Typeform and Mailchimp have been pioneering the return to the analog designs for some time now and I think we’re about to see an explosion going into 2020. Flat Design has been big for some years now, but I see a rejection of “flatland” and a return to unqiue perpectives and craftsmanship that is…. original design.

By Ricky Linn

3D Illustrations

Colorful shapes are being used on more and more top designed websites and illustrations.


The main copy “cozy” feeling is applied as soft fur material which give a new impression. This unrealistic graphics in a realistic texture gives a fresh feeling.

@George Stoyanov

George Stoyanov expressed the beauty of shape by compositing various geometric forms. This kind of visual attempts are interesting because it is difficult to make in reality.

@Omar aqil design

This image was designed with geometric objects of different shapes, textures and colors expressing the identity of Adobe Think Tank which is a forum containing various topics.


Isometric illustration’s are popping up everywhere and it’s a real eye grabber.

These illustrations show perspective and proportion through design that communicates more information and more complex ideas beautifully. I’m predicting that this will trend even more so in 2020.


Recently, Facebook released Horizon, a virtual reality world based on the social network. Mark Zuckerberg has implied that this could be the future of working remotely as well as socializing in the room of your own home. I could see it easily turning into an internet troll’s paradise or into a magical realm filled with infinite social connections and opportunities. Time will tell…

From Facebook Oculus:

Welcome to Facebook Horizon, an ever-expanding, thriving VR world where you can explore, play, and create. There’s no end in sight to the extraordinary adventures and amazing experiences you can have. Discover interesting communities, paint a masterpiece, or form a team and compete in action-packed games. You can build a Horizon World of your own using a variety of intuitive tools. Or get to know other Horizon citizens and be inspired by their creations. In Horizon, you are not just discovering a new world, you are part of what makes it great.

Sign-Up for Beta


Apple used their memoji in their advertising campaign for Apple music which is based on AR technology. Ariana Grande was showcased promoting her latest songs with her memoji, while Apple has advertised Apple Music and memoji together.

Retro is the new back

Imagine it’s circa 1999 again and google is starting to gain traction. The interest trolls are amassing. AOL is still a thing. You know people who still use Yahoo Mail…

Check it out here

Super Team Deluxe has done it again. They managed to make a hat so overwhelmingly da, that you’ll fall off your couch and wonder where the remote is?


Twitch updated rebranded to celebrate the vibrant energy in their community and punched up their logo with some retro styled variants of their analog synthesiser-inspired typeface.

📐 Asymmetrical layouts

As designers, we’re often asked from external forces (stakeholders, clients, oh my!) to add more into the design and our gut would tend towards asymmetrical designs.

Typeform’s homepage pops because of its off guard use of asymmetry that comes off as being genuinely candid and friendly.

Less is often more in design. Asymmetrical layouts can be hard to pull off, but done right they’re truly eye-catching 👀.

Simplifying the designs to only the essential elements can create a more focused design with cleaner aesthetics.

😎 Authenticity

Brands want to to be more relatable and genuine to reflect a more diverse & broader customer base.

Tech, social media, politicking, and trends…everything be running the speed of light in front of our eyes. INFORMATION OVERLOAD is everywhere. Complexity of interfaces, appliances has customers grasping for simplicity. Brands are going back to the basics, distilling the most convoluted features into simple ready to go solutions. From meal kits to erectile disfunction (made you click) we’re seeing a return to authenticity.

I think the world needs a little more humanity injected into everyday products, so that we can remember that behind the interface or screen are real people just like you and me.

Trends come and go, but what actually matters is that you stay true to the brand you’re designing for. Choose the trends that best align with company values and paradigms. Just because something is said to be “on-trend”, doesn’t mean that you have to run with it. Instead of just picking a trend to follow, make your designs impactful and achieve the success metric or goal of the project.

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