2020 Design Trends 🔥

The future of branding

☺️ Feel good design

✏️ Freehand illustrations

Fanny Luor for Dropbox

🎨 Warmer colors

📺 The return of the analog

By Ricky Linn

3D Illustrations



From Facebook Oculus:

Welcome to Facebook Horizon, an ever-expanding, thriving VR world where you can explore, play, and create. There’s no end in sight to the extraordinary adventures and amazing experiences you can have. Discover interesting communities, paint a masterpiece, or form a team and compete in action-packed games. You can build a Horizon World of your own using a variety of intuitive tools. Or get to know other Horizon citizens and be inspired by their creations. In Horizon, you are not just discovering a new world, you are part of what makes it great.

Retro is the new back

Check it out here

📐 Asymmetrical layouts

😎 Authenticity



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