2020 Design Trends 🔥

The future of branding

☺️ Feel good design

Design in 2019 is all about warmth and feeling good. It can invoke the feeling of being cozy at home, nestled in your nook with a good book. It’s about reintegrating the feeling of humanity back into design.

✏️ Freehand illustrations

Illustrations have reversed their course. You mayremember the corporate style “clip art” that mostly everyone in the industry started recreating. Let’s forget that ever happened. The new style of illustrations are pushing new frontiers, integrating freehand and sketch-like qualities that have a less refined but more unique feeling.

Fanny Luor for Dropbox

🎨 Warmer colors

Palettes are getting softer and shifting towards the warmer end of the color spectrum to bring a more cozy, humanstic feeling.

📺 The return of the analog

One of the most significant design trends of the past few years has been the the gradual move away from anything looking too digital, in favor of authentically crafted designs that look like it was made by hand.

By Ricky Linn

3D Illustrations


Isometric illustration’s are popping up everywhere and it’s a real eye grabber.


Retro is the new back

Imagine it’s circa 1999 again and google is starting to gain traction. The interest trolls are amassing. AOL is still a thing. You know people who still use Yahoo Mail…

Check it out here

📐 Asymmetrical layouts

As designers, we’re often asked from external forces (stakeholders, clients, oh my!) to add more into the design and our gut would tend towards asymmetrical designs.

😎 Authenticity

Brands want to to be more relatable and genuine to reflect a more diverse & broader customer base.



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